Our Story

Potty-Products started in 2019, several months before the COVID-19 pandemic. Native Detroiter Jon Johnson had a vision of transforming a building into a fulfillment center to fulfill orders for an online business that he had yet to even start. One evening he had an “ah-ha” moment and decided to sell toilet paper from the location. All of his friends and family thought that he was absolutely CRAZY!!

In January 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic reached the U.S. and had begun taking its toll on the U.S. supply chain. Mr. Johnson, who months previously had sourced and created his own brand of toilet paper “Potty-Products” was miraculously the only person in SouthEast Michigan with thousands of cases of his own brand of toilet paper.

Due to the supply chain congestion and lack of toilet paper at the big box stores. Mr. Johnson successfully launched Potty-Products to much fanfare and appreciation for easing the toilet paper crunch for thousands of families all across the U.S.

Potty-Products now has a grassroots following of thousands of customers, small and large who appreciate the quality of the product, the customer service, and the speed of delivery.

As Mr. Johnson says, “Use Potty-Products” – We have your back!


At Potty-Products, our mission is to enrich communities through responsible practices. We are committed to giving back by supporting local initiatives and charities. With a sustainable approach, we strive to protect our environment by offering eco-friendly product solutions. Our dedication to excellence extends to providing top-notch customer service, ensuring that every interaction is seamless and satisfying. Together, we build a better future, one day at a time, fostering a stronger, greener, and more compassionate world.

Sustainable Living

At Potty-Products, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to producing eco-friendly products that minimize environmental impact. From responsible sourcing to innovative packaging, our dedication to sustainability extends to all our introduced products. As we grow, we aim to continuously expand and enhance our sustainable practices, striving for a greener future for generations to come. Together, let’s make a positive impact on the planet and embrace the path of sustainable living with Potty-Products

Environment Friendly

At Potty-Products, we are dedicated to producing eco-friendly tissue products crafted from septic-safe materials, promoting responsible forest management. Partnering with “Use This-After That,” our soap line implements all-natural, vegan, and organic ingredients. Together, we prioritize the preservation of nature, striving for a cleaner, greener planet. Choose our conscientious tissue and soap solutions, making a positive impact on the environment with every use. Join us in our commitment to sustaina bility and a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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